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A medieval hill top town with commanding views over the Carpinella valley, since Roman times Pietralunga has been considered important for its strategic position. Some time around the 8th century the town acquired the appearance which can still be admired today. It was in this period, in fact, that both the Lombard Castle and the Church of Santa Maria were built.

The first, an imposing fortified edifice which, together with Pietralunga's thick perimeter wall, served to defend the town from attack. The second, Pietralunga's principal house of worship, the splendid Romanesque portal of which was moved to the back of the church during subsequent reconstruction work.

A brief detour of just a few kilometers is all that is necessary to reach the Oasis of Candeleto, home to a fascinating Ornithological museum and didactic wood. Also in the vicinity of Pietralunga lies the Pieve de' Saddi: a fascinating example of Paleo Christian basilica. The Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Rimedi is an ancient religious complex where, in the 16th century, it was claimed that the Madonna miraculously appeared.

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Paola Moro e Erich Breuer

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