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The lover of Renaissance art should not miss Narni: artists such as Ghirlandaio, Spagna, Vignola, Vecchietta, Rossellino, Antoniazzo Romano, Sangallo and Scalza lived in Narni and left many works of art here.

Easy to lose oneself among the historical monuments such as the ancient Church of St Domenico, the Church of St Restituta, the Romanesque cathedral, the convent of St'Agostino, Palazzo dei Priori, the crypt of San Domenico, Palazzo Comunale, Palazzo Scotti, the Gardens of St Bernardo.

Narni: suggestions from the hotels

Abbazia San Pietro in Valle

Historical Residences

Chiara Costanzi


Chiara Costanzi

Wilde and untouched nature: we are inside the protected Park of Fiume Nera, which flows into the highest natural waterfall in Europe:... (Abbazia San Pietro in Valle) →

San Pietro Sopra Le Acque Resort & Spa

Historical Residences

Diego Petrella


Because it is possible to combine art and nature: from here you can easily reach some of the most beautiful towns of Umbria as Todi... (San Pietro Sopra Le Acque Resort & Spa) →

Torre Palombara - Dimora Storica

Historical Residences

Leonardo Cipiccia


In the peaceful countryside, close to any number of beautifully conserved medieval towns and villages: it's the perfect base for a... (Torre Palombara - Dimora Storica) →

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