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The various personalities of Cascia: the religious Cascia, linked to the cult of St Rita, with the Basilica and Monastery dedicated to the nun, where her remains are guarded and where her life is depicted.

The medieval Cascia with the Church of St Francis, the Church of St Antonio Abate, the Collegiate of St Maria, the Church of St Agostino and Palazzo Carli; and, finally the artistically important Cascia, with priceless works of art such as the canvases dedicated to St Antonio Abate and the wooded crucifix of the 1400s.

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Abbazia San Pietro in Valle

Historical Residences

Chiara Costanzi


Chiara Costanzi

Wilde and untouched nature: we are inside the protected Park of Fiume Nera, which flows into the highest natural waterfall in Europe:... (Abbazia San Pietro in Valle) →

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