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Assisi Hotel

Known throughout the world as the city of St Francis, Assisi is the chosen destination of millions of tourists drawn by its cultural heritage linked both to the Saint and to history: the Basilica of St Francis, the Eremo of the Prisons, the convent of St Damian, the Church of St Chiara.

To visit also: the Church of St Peter, the Cathedral of St Rufino, patron saint of Assisi, the large Basilica of St Maria of the Angels, and then Medieval palaces such as those of the Priori and the Capitano del Popolo. It is the atmosphere of Assisi which will strikes the visitor.

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Guest Houses

Lido Palazzeschi

(Proprietario )

Lido Palazzeschi

The Tiber has always been the land of colors, guano, Medicinal Herbs, Greens fields, make this valley a bright and friendly reality.... (Ferraguzzo) →

Locanda del Gallo

Historical Residences

Paola Moro e Erich Breuer


Paola Moro e Erich Breuer

Umbria, its green fields, smell of the flowers, its medieval towns on the top of a hill from which miles and miles of unique landscapes,... (Locanda del Gallo) →

Il Cantico della Natura

Farmhouse Holidays

Francesco Micci


Francesco Micci

The Song of Nature is an Eco Resort and Organic farm on Lake Trasimeno located in a beautiful stone house of 1600 surrounded by a centuries-old... (Il Cantico della Natura) →

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